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Home Improvements: The Benefits of Going Green

Hello, my name is Eric and this is my home improvement and energy blog. I am very worried about the impact of climate change on our planet so I have recently taken steps to reduce my carbon footprint while carrying out home improvements. Although I am concerned about climate change, I do not know a lot about green energy solutions so I contacted an energy and environmental consultant. The consultant visited my property and recommended I installed solar panels on my roof. Since I did this, I have seen my energy bills fall and I am so happy to be saving money and the environment.



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Home Improvements: The Benefits of Going Green

    Understanding Types of Fire Extinguishers And Fire Classes They Handle

    A fire extinguisher is perhaps the most common fire safety equipment utilized in homes and business premises. Most individuals think that any fire can get put off by just any extinguisher. However, just like there are different kinds/classes of fire that can pose a threat to an establishment, there are specific types of fire extinguishers for every sort of combustion. Hence, when buying fire safety equipment and learning how to use the extinguishers, it is essential also to learn the numerous classes of fire as well as the appropriate ways to handle them.