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Home Improvements: The Benefits of Going Green

Hello, my name is Eric and this is my home improvement and energy blog. I am very worried about the impact of climate change on our planet so I have recently taken steps to reduce my carbon footprint while carrying out home improvements. Although I am concerned about climate change, I do not know a lot about green energy solutions so I contacted an energy and environmental consultant. The consultant visited my property and recommended I installed solar panels on my roof. Since I did this, I have seen my energy bills fall and I am so happy to be saving money and the environment.



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Home Improvements: The Benefits of Going Green

Effective Handling of Asbestos in Different Environments

by Linda Castro

The process of handling asbestos should be done with a lot of care due to the toxic nature of the substance and the risk of exposure while handling it. Asbestos-containing materials may not present any hazards when they are in a good condition. However, these materials can wear out or get damaged with time, which makes them hazardous—posing great risks of health and safety to human beings. Anyone in the vicinity may become a victim by inhaling toxic fibres when they flake off and become airborne. These toxic fibres may later become embedded in your chest, causing more serious complications such as mesothelioma, which could be life threatening. Understand the various ways in which you can effectively handle asbestos in different types of environments and settings.

Asbestos in Your Home 

There are homes that still contain asbestos insulation, shingles, ceiling tiles, flooring and other items. During demolition and renovations of houses, these asbestos-containing materials must be handled with a lot of care. When performing a DIY demolition project, you should never attempt to manipulate or remove asbestos products on your own. You must look for a licensed asbestos-removal professional to remove them during the demolition process. Such professionals will not only advise you on how and when to remove asbestos products, but they will also know how to safely dispose of the materials.

Asbestos Generated from Natural Disasters

Natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes can lead to significant damage to commercial buildings and homes. If such structures contain asbestos within their foundations and other places like floors and ceilings, the particles released may become friable. People and pets inhaling such particles may develop mesothelioma. The responders and other people assisting in the recovery process may not be the only people at risk. Any individual around the disaster may be likely to develop this dangerous condition. Such emergencies must involve disaster management experts who are well trained in handling such encounters. They have detailed knowledge and protective equipment that can help reduce the impact of asbestos exposure that results from natural disasters.

Asbestos at Work Places

All work places must have an asbestos-management plan set in place to handle any asbestos encounters, as required by law. It is their duty to ensure that all the asbestos-containing materials at work place are identified and properly maintained at all times. The individuals who work with the materials must also be well instructed on how to properly handle them to avoid cancer hazards resulting from asbestos exposure.