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Home Improvements: The Benefits of Going Green

Hello, my name is Eric and this is my home improvement and energy blog. I am very worried about the impact of climate change on our planet so I have recently taken steps to reduce my carbon footprint while carrying out home improvements. Although I am concerned about climate change, I do not know a lot about green energy solutions so I contacted an energy and environmental consultant. The consultant visited my property and recommended I installed solar panels on my roof. Since I did this, I have seen my energy bills fall and I am so happy to be saving money and the environment.



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Home Improvements: The Benefits of Going Green

What Should Be Done with a Storm-Damaged Tree?

by Linda Castro

Storms are hugely destructive forces of nature, with the combination of heavy rain, strong winds and lightning wreaking havoc at ground level. During these dangerous events, buildings and power lines are commonly damaged, and people should take care to avoid injury. However, one of the more common victims of a storm is the humble tree.

Trees are easily blown down by strong winds, especially if the ground is wet. But sometimes they're just damaged, with branches broken off by gusts, or lightning strikes causing fires that destroy parts of trees. If you have a tree that's fallen victim to storm damage, here's what a professional might do to rectify the situation.

Single limb removal

Sometimes, all it takes is to cut away one branch. If there's a branch hanging and you can't see any other damage, this is quite possibly all that will need to be done. Taking the branch away makes sure the tree can put its energy into its healthy limbs and prevents people from being injured and buildings and vehicles from damage if the limb falls.

Tree lopping

Lopping is a technique used by tree surgeons for various purposes. It's sometimes used for reshaping trees if they've grown unevenly or are causing an obstruction, but lopping is particularly useful for storm-damaged trees.

Through strategic removal of sections, a tree can sometimes be saved even when it's in quite a state. It also helps ensure the tree is in a safe condition, as an expert can spot any potential problems before they develop, and prevent them. Once dead or damaged limbs have been removed, lopping can also help ensure good, healthy growth, so a tree can be given a long life.

Bark repair

Damaged bark will often need to be removed, and a tree can still thrive with a fair amount missing. Sometimes, however, sections of it can be saved by performing first aid on the tree. When bark can be put back into place, it can help a tree survive trauma, which is especially important if it's done in conjunction with other treatments.

Removal of the tree

If there's no hope for the tree's survival, it may have to be removed completely. It's always worth having it assessed by a professional, however bad it looks, as there may be a chance for its survival. If it does need to be removed, hiring someone to do it for you eliminates problems like an unsightly stump being left behind.

For more information on tree removal services in your area, click the link!